Rechargeable Calling Cards

Rechargeable calling cards are calling cards, which allow adding money or recharging existing PIN. In other words user is not required to purchase a new calling card or PIN, but add certain amount of money on existing calling Card or PIN. Some calling cards allow customer to provide their credit card information and setup an auto recharge once prepaid calling card balance below specified amount.

The rechargeable phone cards offer maximum convenience to their users, as they can login to their respective accounts and add more time to the current phone card PIN.

The individuals using these cards can also utilize the auto recharge with credit card option to replenish the talk time against a specific amount automatically and add the same to the current PIN whenever the balance drops below a set value. The money is managed through the credit card transaction in a secured manner. The customers or the individuals using the rechargeable calling cards are kept aware of the balance and the transactions taking place in their account by making use of the email address provided at the time of the purchase of the card.

The rechargeable calling cards like the other online calling cards can be used from any type of the phone including, the registered landlines and the mobiles from virtually anywhere. Most of the rechargeable calling cards also offer the pin-less dialing feature to their customers, to provide them speedy dialing option. The rechargeable calling cards can also be recharged making use of the recharge vouchers as well.

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