Pin-less Calling Cards

Pinless Calling Cards does not require customer to enter PIN number, but identify customerís account by caller id. Before using pinless option customer need to register his or her phone number, so calling card platform could detect account by caller id. Most pinless calling card allws customer to register more than one telephone number (i.e. lanline, mobile, office). Consumers normally provided PINs in order to acces calling card form any unregistered phone.

As any other calling cards, pin-less calling cards are known to be one of the most effective tools in the versatile range of the online calling cards that are available for the individuals to make calls to international countries or within a specific country. Just like the other options in the prepaid online cards, the pin-less online phone cards too, if used efficiently will help the people in saving their communication costs up to ninety percent. These cards are faster than the other online calling cards and allow the customers in placing calls without having to provide the PIN code every time. All of the reputed and genuine service providers for the pin-less calling cards offer around the clock online account management to provide excellent customer service. The rates featured by the pin-less calling cards are very competitive and this is the reason they are a favorite among the immigrant community or those who need to be in touch with their business associates around the world. The reputed service providers have also offered unique attributes with these calling cards which consist of features like, caller id detection option. There are many benefits of using the pin-less calling cards which include;

1. Low domestic and global rates
2. Speed dialing
3. Easy recharging
4. Works with any phone type (registered mobiles and landlines)

and countless other benefits. These cards can be bought from the genuine e-retails dealing in cheap international calling cards like